Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today we celebrate Emma's 8th birthday. Eight years ago, the joy of Emma's birth knew no limits. The entire family welcomed this beautiful little blue-eyed redhead with open arms and boundless love. Little did we know that Emma would become such a focal point in our lives; that this tiny child would teach us so much.

Over the past eight years, we have learned of a syndrome called Angelman, been introduced to the world of special education and IEPs, fought for services to improve the quality of Emma's life, services that no family should have to fight for, and met some truly incredible people along the way.

Throughout all of this, Emma has been a constant. She overlooks our shortcomings and loves us with all her being. She takes on challenges with a sense of determination and strength I have yet to acquire. Emma is tenacious, bright, michevious but most of all loving.

On this celebration of Emma's birth, I thank God for the blessing he bestowed on our family when he brought Emma into our lives.

Love you bunches, little girl!


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